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Infinity Energy gives you the lowest solar rates by partnering with the Best Solar Companies in Fresno that manufacture the highest quality solar panels.  We price match guarantee all of our solar panel installations, so you won’t find a better deal. Think solar is too expensive? Ask us how to get $0 Down Solar Power today and we’ll give you a $25 gift card for meeting with an Energy Adviser!

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Go Solar. Save Big. With Infinity Energy Leading the way.

If you’re reading this, your’e probably paying outrageously high utility bills to PG&E. Become one of the hundreds of happy Fresno Homeowners that we’ve helped lower utility bills for by brokering the best rates for Solar in Fresno Ca. 

After all, our customers in Fresno save on average 40-60% on their monthly utility bill. You can too!

And by the way, do you like FREE STUFF? Sit down with one of our our Energy Advisers and you’ll get  a $25 gift card. But don’t worry, we won’t pressure you into buying overpriced, low-quality solar panels manufactured overseas. Our appointments are highly educational, and we’ll help you determine which solar panels and financing options are right for you. Don’t let subpar solar salesman swindle you into a higher rate because you didn’t know you had choices. Get the lowest rates for solar in Fresno with Infinity Energy.



Fresno Homeowners can save a ton by going solar. With options as low as $0 Down + tax rebate options, residential solar has never been more affordable.

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Business Owners can instantly decrease expenses. In this competitive business environment, going solar increases your cash flow. 

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Farmers are bombarded with regulations, taxes and decreasing water availability. Going solar helps keep costs low, in spite of bureaucratic madness.

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School districts, universities and private schools can keep tuition costs low. This allows them to hire better teachers and focus on the essentials.

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Going solar in Fresno has never been easier or more affordable.

Going solar doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s actually quite simple. Some solar companies manufacture solar panels and have distributors that sell the systems to the public. You would think that this would cause the prices to go up, but rather the opposite is true because our company is flexible in it’s pricing, which allows us to lower it to match any price offer you’ve received.

On the other hand, some solar companies manufacture their own panels and sell them as well. In many cases, these types of solar panels are usually overpriced and made overseas, so the quality is lower. Don’t fall for the tactics of solar companies in Fresno who are trying to push sub par products and making you pay higher rates for your electricity. You have options. At Infinity Energy, we guarantee you’ll pay the lowest price with us. We team up with the best and we’ll help you choose the solar panels that are right for you. We’ll give you a variety of options to choose from and different options to finance your solar system. We’re all about helping you determine what ever best fits budget and our individual needs and lifestyle.

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Why go Solar with Fresno’s Best Solar Company?



Fresno Solar Customers save on average 40-60% on their utility bill


PG&E rates haven risen substantially over the years. Pay a fixed rate with solar!


Studies have shown that the value of homes rise when solar is installed

Tax Rebates

You may qualify for HUGE tax rebates by going solar. 

More reasons to choose the Best Solar Company in Fresno

solar companies in Fresno1. Infinity Energy saves you the most money on solar. Infinity Energy price match guarantees any other solar company in Fresno. We’re able to offer such low rates because we get the best rates but not just a single, low quality solar panel, but working as brokers for multiple solar companies. We promise to match you with best panels that are right for you without the pressure. And we promise we will not be outdone in pricing, which is why we price match guarantee all of our solar panels systems.

2. Quick Problem Resolution. Unlike some larger, corporate solar companies in Fresno, if you have a problem or a concern, most times you’ll be in direct contact with one of our owners and we’ll resolve your issue very quickly. And when it comes to eliminating hassle, we’re the company you want to choose. We’ve worked hard on building our reputation as the top trusted, #1 solar company in the Central Valley and our customer service and quick problem resolution is one of the main reasons that so many homeowners decide to work with us. 

3. Fantastic customer service. We pride ourselves in delivering the best customer service in the industry. Feel free to us any questions anytime during the entire process -we’re here to help. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to talk to a person and get a response to your question. Just call us at NUMBER and let us know the reason you’re calling, and you’ll be on the phone with one of our friendly customer service reps in no time!
4.  We have variety of Solar Panel options. Rather than push “our panels” on you,  we make sure you get the best panels at the best rates, regardless of what company manufacturers them. We’ve chosen to partner with the best solar companies in Fresno  and work on getting you the best rate per kW for the long term- saving you the most amount of money possible.
5. Quick and Seamless Installation. Our Fresno Solar Installers work at a rapid speed. Most installs are done within a single day, and most installs from signing your contract take place in less than a month. How’s that for rapid savings? They don’t call us the quickest Solar Installation Fresno Team for nothing!
6. Full Disclosure. While some solar companies use deceitful tactics to quickly closes sales, we’ll sit down
and answer ALL your questions without pressuring you. We are a company with integrity and want to develop trust in our customers- which is why we wouldn’t recommend a product that we don’t fully support ourselves and truly believe in. We think you should have all the answers and make a decision when the time is right for you, not feeling pressured by low-end and classless sales tactics.
7. Integrity. Infinity Energy is committed to maintaining best practices in all that we do, and that includes maintaining high levels of honesty and integrity.  We try to be as transparent as we can with our customers and in our dealings day to day with our own employees. We believe that this is the way to excellence and hope that your share our values as well. 


 Hi, I’m Adrianna – Energy Adviser at Infinity Energy. My team will be happy to assist you, so please free to contact us with any questions you have. We’re looking forward to helping you save big on solar!

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Top Fresno Solar Company: Infinity Energy

Infinity Energy partners with the Best Solar Companies in Fresno to offer you the lowest rates in the industry. So if you need the highest quality, best priced solar panels in Fresno Ca, our foremost goal is to deliver value. Because we’re solar brokers, we can offer you the lowest rates in the industry. Don’t be fooled by the other guys. You DO have options. And we’d like to educate you as much as we possibly can and let YOU make the decision whether or not it’s right for you to go solar, and which solar system and financing option is right for you.

Perhaps someone you know has gone solar. Maybe you’re wondering how much they paid, or what their utility bill is like every month. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of owning a solar system, and now you’re ready to make it a reality. At Infinity energy, we work endlessly to complete every project on time and within your budget. We maintain a high level of customer service because customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Our business is not just built on solar installation in Fresno. It’s about relationships. We strive to build lasting relationships with our customers. If you ever need another solar system project completed, we want our company to be the first number you dial. We even have a REFERRAL PROGRAM that you can take part in if you think we did a good enough job. Infinity Energy does its best to create a stellar reputation as the best solar contractor in the Fresno, CA area. No other company will work harder than our firm to make sure that you are fully satisfied with the new look of your living or workspace.

Infinity Energy provides Fresno and the entire Central Valley with a vast variety of solar power options and equipment, and we specialize in:

-Fresno Solar Power
-Solar Panels in Fresno Ca
-Solar Installation in Fresno Ca
-Solar Companies in Fresno Ca

When you contact us for your Fresno solar project, we will listen to what you want, including what your budget is, and then come up with a comprehensive plan. We’ll usually send an Energy Adviser out to your residence at a time that is convenient for you, and we promise not to pressure you at all.  We will keep you informed throughout the entire process, so you always know what we are doing and why we are doing it.

With us, there aren’t any unpleasant surprises. We want you to be completely happy with the end results. If you are interested in a new solar power system for any part of your home or business, consider Infinity Energy because we pride ourselves in being the best solar company in Fresno, California.We look forward to helping you reduce your electricity bill for as little as $0 Down.

 Fresno Solar Company Reviews

“We are very happy with Infinity Energy. They are knowledgeable and were very patient with us as we were making a decision about solar. They designed a system that was perfect for our needs. Bryson walked us through the install process and what the installers would be doing. The installation was fast and easy. They started in the morning and were finished by the end of the day! Love these guys!”

– Jay B., 5-Star review

“I was hesitant with going solar just because of all the new companies coming into the industry without any track record. I didn’t want to get hosed. I’ve heard of multiple horror stories and didn’t want to deal with that. A neighbor down the street from me had gotten some solar panels installed, and we got to talking about his new solar setup. He was raving about Infinity and going on and on about how they weren’t your typical solar company and that they never rushed him, answered all of his questions, were responsive to his requests and that the actual install was a breeze. This sounded like the kind of company I wanted to work with…… I immediately started saving on my PG&E bill which was almost nothing, and the only thing I regret about this whole process is not going solar sooner.”

– Mark, 5-Star review

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What do you have to lose? You'll get a $25 gift card just for sitting down with one of our Energy Advisers. Don't worry, we don't pressure you into buying overpriced solar panels manufactured overseas. We educate, and help you determine which solar panels and financing options are right for you. Don't let subpar solar salesman swindle you into a higher rate. Get the lowest rates for solar in Fresno with Infinity Energy.